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Laser Cutting/Engraving
Laser Cutting/Engraving

Laser tube:
80 W CO₂

Maximum area:
490 × 290 mm (500 × 300 mm gross)

Cuttable materials:
Acrylic, plywood, MDF, paper, cardboard, leather (or leather-like material), polyfoam, felt, vinyl, fabrics, non-PVC plastic

Engravable materials:
Acrylic, plywood, MDF, cardboard (certain thicknesses), leather (or leather-like material), felt, vinyl, non-PVC plastic, solid wood, non-heatproof metals

Compatible file formats:

Production starts at
IDR 50,000/10 min

Bulk pricing available. Contact us for details.

Material in Stock Available Thicknesses Available Colors
Acrylic 3 mm White, Black, Clear
Felt 1.5 mm Black, Blue, Brown, Dark Grey, Maroon, Navy
Foamboard 10 mm Black, White
Foamboard with Adhesive 5 mm White
MDF 3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm Natural
Modelling Felt 3 mm Black, Light Grey, Red, Teal
Plywood 3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm Natural
Polyfoam 5 mm White

You may bring your own material to be tested in our workshop.
We carry a limited stock of materials in-house. Please confirm prior to ordering.
Larger cutting bed sizes are subject to availability.

3D Printing
3D Printing

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

Ultimaker Cura

Build envelope:
200 × 200 × 165 mm

Layer resolution:
Up to 0.1 mm

Compatible material:
PLA, ∅ 1.75 mm

Compatible file formats:
.3MF, .OBJ, .STL

Production starts at
IDR 4,000/gr

Material in Stock Diameter Available Colors
eSun PLA+ 1.75 mm White, Black, Grey, Red, Yellow, Silver, Gold
Generic PLA 1.75 mm Purple, Natural
Wood-filled PLA 1.75 mm Wood color

Price excludes finishing.
Larger build volumes are subject to availability.

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